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Homework begins Monday 14th January

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"A first class education for children who care about themselves, each other and the world in which they live.
To build a safe, caring and inspiring community of children who:
Believe - they are unique, believe in other people and the world around them;
Achieve - their full potential and enjoy learning;
Succeed - in becoming the person they want to be."
"...the quality of teaching, learning and assessment is improving across the school." "Teachers and teaching staff, including those who are new to the school, know what the key priorities are, and their role in ensuring that pupils' outcomes improve. This has resulted in a culture of high expectations becoming more embedded across the school." "Pupils I spoke with told me they felt happy and safe in school, and are confident that this is true for all pupils, even those who are new to the school." HMI April 2016

Believe Achieve Succeed