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08.02.21 RE Day

Today is Religion Education day and we are going to be looking at the questions 'What can we learn from sacred books?' both EYFS and YR1 will be answering the same question but with different activities set.


EYFS / YR1 - Watch the video below and listen to the story of 'The Good Samaritan'. 

Then talk through the power point and answer the questions about how you can show acts of kindness to others. 

EYFS - Today you have three RE tasks to complete. Your first task is to draw a picture and write a sentence of one way in which you could show kindness to another person. 

Your second task is a creative task! Have a look at the main characters in the story, can you make some stick puppets of them? You can draw the characters on paper and then stick them on either wooden sticks, cutlery or spaghetti. 

Your third task is to create a puppet show! Using the puppets you have created to retell the story of The Good Samaritan. 

I cannot wait to see your finished activities! 

YR1 - Today you have two tasks to complete! Your first is to think about ways which you can be kind to others can you think of three different ways you can be kind and write a sentence for each one. Use your phonic knowledge to help you and the tricky words and sound mats below. 

Your second task is to draw a story map of The Good Samaritan. Use a large sheet of paper, or stick some together and draw the different parts of the story from the beginning to the end. Look at the example below to help you! 

I look forward to seeing your completed activities!