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Autumn Two

In DT Robins Class are going to be making their own biscuits. We are going to be looking at packaging and a range of biscuits including tasting them before rating them and choosing our favourite biscuits. We are then going to be pulling apart the biscuits to see what the biscuits consist of, any fillings they may have, how the parts of the biscuits are constructed. After finding out this information we shall be designing and making our own biscuits but also making sure we are following good hygiene practices throughout. 


Food Safety | Design and Technology - Food Preparation and Nutrition

​​​​​​Get ready to find out what happened at Puddling Lane in 1666 when a spark of ember engulfed London, causing the city to burn down to the ground... all because the baker didn't put out the fire from one of the ovens? Was it his fault? Could it have been the architects fault for designing the buildings too close together and with the materials they were made from?

Who is Samuel Pepys and why was he and his diary important during The Great Fire of London?


We will also be learning about the past and present of the fire services and fire safety and how they have changed over time including how did they put fires out without fire fighters and fire engines. We shall also be designing and building our own buildings so the children can see what London looked like and see how fast the fire spread.

Magic Grandad - Samuel Pepys - The Great Fire of London

How Did The Great Fire of London Start?