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Autumn Two



During our topic work this term we will be looking at Where our food comes from... and not just Aldi or the local supermarkets. We will be looking at the Farming in the UK, Local allotments –  and link this to Harvest and growing own fruit and veg. We will investigate what is meant by Food miles – how far does our food travel to get to use or the shops we buy it from? This will include food security – how much of our food is imported? Which foods do we have imported into the UK? and which do we export out of the country to other countries.

With our Eco heads on we will also investigate the Carbon footprint of our importations – how does our food get to us? The transport of food causes pollution. In particular, focussing on fruit such as bananas and oranges.



Linking in with our Geography this half term, in our D.T, we are looking at Healthy Eating.

(link to Geography)

This will involve some Fruit Tasting, evaluating the fruit and discussing what we like and dislike, and of course saying why.

We will be learning about basic food hygiene as well as heath and safety practices. 

Our final task of the term will be to design and then using knife skills, make a low carbon footprint fruit salad. This will link in with the work we have done in Geography.