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Be Unique Music

We will be focusing on a fantastic piece of music by a composer called Ralph (pronounced Raif) Vaughan Williams.

It is a piece written using the pentatonic scale which is a scale that uses 5 notes. A normal scale uses 8 notes. This scale leaves out the 4th and 6th note in the scale.

Vaughan Williams - The Lark Ascending - BBC Teach

 Watch the introductory film with Molly Rainford.

2.Watch the full orchestral performance. This is a gorgeous, gentle piece so you might like to dim the lights of your room or ask your children to close their eyes and relax as they listen. If you have space, ask them to lie on the floor!

3.Discuss what you have just watched and perhaps ask the following questions –a)Did you like the music?

b)How did it make you feel?

c)If you could float off anywhere, where would you go?

d)What would you see down below?

4.This piece is about a lark flying up into the air and looking down at the world below. Explain that you are going to create a poem written from the viewpoint of the lark. Make sure everyone has something to write on and with, and as you listen again ask your children to make a list of:


1. colour (what colour does the music make them think of?)

2. emotion (how does the music make them feel?)