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Be Unique Writing

Continuing our walk around the reservoir and here are the next sights that I came across.  Can you help me make a descriptive trail?

Use the photos and write a simple description for each one.  Can you use a subordinating conjunction to start the sentences and make sure you have two clauses (tells you two things)? 

If, Since, As, When, After, While, Although, Before, Until, Because.


Look below at the examples that describes the bulrush picture. 

If I look into the glistening water, I can see the tall roots of the bulrushes. 

When I look across the shining glass surface, the tall soldiers wave at me. 

Although the water is still, the bulrushes move gently in the breeze.

Write at least one sentence for each picture below or choose pictures from your own walk (you could draw them). Remember to start with the subordinating conjunction.