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Class Photographs 2020 - 2021

How lucky are we to have Kelvin from Diversity come to school and teach us some break dancing!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

How lucky are we to have Kelvin from Diversity come to school and teach us some break dancing!

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How lucky are we to have Kelvin from Diversity come to school and teach us some break dancing!

Burns and blisters

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The children have been learning how to treat burns and we learned how blisters are formed using Coca Cola and mentos.

⛑ First aid day. 🚑 The children spent all day learning about first aid and we then practiced what to do in the event of an emergency and learning the recovery position.

Wonderful World Week - Greece 🇬🇷. The children took part in activities including flying to Greece, trying Greek food, making Greek temples, plate smashing and learning the Greek dance.

Computing day - the children learned about algorithms (instructions) to command a robot and we also learned how to debug (fix) algorithms in case they didn’t work correctly.

Commando Joe

Break the rules day! 

Today was break the rules day. Children could break any of these five rules: 

  • Wear non-uniform
  • Wear face paint or make up
  • Bring in a unhealthy snack for play time
  • Have juice instead of water
  • Come to school with crazy hair or accessories.


Look at Robins breaking these rules! 

Break the rules day!

RE day

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Today Robins have been learning about special places of worship. Seeing as though we were not able to visit churches and mosques, we brought the experience to school. The children learnt about how Muslims pray and what they do when visiting a mosque, following their rules.

We had to work as a team to deliver the balls along the pipes without it falling on to the floor.

Someone has been working hard at home creating an amazing short story and fantastic drawings!

17.05.21 The International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia

Identifying habitats. The children explored the forest school area searching and identifying habitats.

The children have been following their recipe to make scones for the Queen for her Royal Tea Party.

In computing, we have been creating animations. Here are some of Robin Class' seasonal animations.

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video (2).mp4

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19.03.21 Red Nose Day

The children have been working hard to make Mother’s Day cards.

The children have been engaging with Commando Joe. The children worked in teams to complete tasks set by her royal majesty 👑.

Robins Covid Christmas Show

16.12.2020 Christmas Art Day

In art we have been exploring, researching and creating wrapping paper using print. The children were also encouraged to create repeating patterns.

Children in Need day 2020  crazy hair styles

In history, we have been learning about toys. In English we have continued to research and learn about toys in the past and the children were asked to create a news report based on their research. Here are some videos that the children have created. Haven't they done an amazing job! yes

Harvey's Toy Report

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Paige's toy report

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How waterproof is your house?


In science we have been materials to see which house is the most waterproof for the Three Little Pigs to live in. 
The children made a prediction and then we tested straw, sticks and bricks. Surprisingly the straw kept the house the most waterproof.

Mission: The Big Bad Wolf is wanted for blowing the Three Little Pigs houses down! 

The children had to work in teams to create a stronger house for the Three Little Pigs to live in. The children demonstrated good communication and team work skills.

Halloween movie night.

Robins enjoyed their popcorn, biscuit and drink whilst enjoying the film 'The Addams Family' in our Halloween decorated classroom.