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Please use today's lesson time to go back and edit your work as we will be writing up our best copies in the next two lessons ready to go on the 'Custodian of Nature' display when we are all back in school. 


So, the pieces of writing you should now have completed ready for editing are: 

  1. Your poem review, of your favourite Julie Sheldon poem
  2. Your own, innovated version of the poem 'Thankful'
  3. Your non-chronological report of ways to re-use plastic


Don't forget the basics, such as capital letters, full stops and spelling but also check if you have used a good range of vocabulary and sentence structures, particularly in your poem review and report. Have you managed to use higher level punctuation, such a colon to explain and please go back and check for apostrophes of possession and omission (missing letters in contractions e.g. it is = it's).


I will upload the features of non-chronological reports again for you to check you have managed to cover these.


I'm really pleased with the work you have been doing at home, I know it is much harder when you don't have the rest of the class to discuss ideas with and magpie ideas from, so you should be incredibly proud of the work you have done - I definitely am! You are all absolutely fantastic! heart


Take the time this morning to make it the absolute best it can be to really show off how amazing you are!