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This is a poem by Roger Stevens. Read it through and then change the words in red to something of your choosing but which is in the same style as the poem. When you have completed it, write your version out in your very best handwriting! Take a picture of it and send it in by email.



I am Captain Save- the-Planet


Not green like The Green Lantern

Not green like The Incredible Hulk

No, I am green like the forests

Like grass, like ferns

And the green, clean air

That blew across the planet

Long ago

I am Captain Save- the-Planet

I am strong

Not strong like my arch enemy

Radioactive Man

Who burns the sky

With invisible rays

Not like Coal Power Man

Who spews out deadly fumes

No, I am strong like the wind

Turning a million wind turbines

I am strong like the sun

Heating a million homes

I am Captain Save-the-Planet

And I am looking for an assistant

Would you care to apply?