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Ironville and Codnor Park Primary School

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This activity will take around 40 minutes (approx).


In this lesson, we will map, step and speak the story of the 'The Magic Paintbrush'

Join in with the song and actions to remember the story. 

We are going to use the story map to retell the story of The magic paintbrush (like we have in class).

I have included the story map to help you read and talk through the story. 


Once we have done this, we are going to step the story, where you will read a picture at a time and then step over to the next part. 


Task: after practicing retelling the story, wear something magical (if you would like) and send a video of yourself retelling me the story using the actions. 

Challenge: use moods (facial expressions, movements to show how magical and amazing parts of the story are or to show how frightening or sad it can be). 


I look forward to seeing your videos!