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This task should take around 30 minutes. 

In English we are going to carry on learning about The Magic Paintbrush. 

So far we have listened to the story, made a story map and acted out the story using actions and different moods. 


Today we are going to explore the main moods of The Magic Paintbrush. 

Spell the words that end in 'y' but make an 'ee' sound - happy. 

Clap the syllables of the word and count how many claps there are for each word.


Task 1: 

Listen to the story and identify the different moods within the story. 

After, using the story map identify the moods within the story and label where the moods happen:

wonder          fear          mystery          sadness          joy          kindness


Task 2: Explain why these moods were used in the story. 

E.g. Mystery: we wonder what Ma Liang going to do with the paintbrush. 


Task: The magic paintbrush story map