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Continuing on from the work we started yesterday, we will carry on innovating the poem ‘Thankful’, by Julie Sheldon.



I will upload each stanza, showing the blanks where I think it is possible for you to insert your own ideas, but this is just a guide to support you. This is your poem so change it however you wish, but do remember to stick to four lines per stanza, four beats, eight syllables per line as this will ensure your poem has a good rhythm. Also try to follow Julie's a, b, c, b rhyme pattern too, so that the last words in line two and four have the same sound.


You may choose not to include every stanza if you are struggling with any of them, or you can always move on, then come back to it later for another go, like we always do when we are stuck with something. Remember to always refer back to Julie's poem to see what ideas, animals and word types she was using and then think of others that could happily replace them.


I can't wait to read these poems, your 'Dreadful Menace' ones were fantastic!


I’m sitting by the reservoir

The ____________ is ___________

I must have come at __________________ time



The _____________________ in particular

Are causing quite a  ___________________________________

And inbetween their_________________________

The _____________________________ is ___________________________


Is there anything much________________________________

Than  ____________________________________

And inbetween their/her/his_________________________

The _____________________________ is ___________________________


The growing ______________________ on the ________________________

All _______________________________________

I swear that they are

They ________________________________________


I’m sitting ______________________________________

They’ve grown so ____________________ and _________________________

I’ve known/watched these __________________________________________



I feel so very ________________________________________________

For this, my neighbourhood

The res, canal and wildlife

They make me feel so good!