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English: Be Unique

Look at the pictures of the mistreated equipment. How does this make you feel? Why?

What happens to these resources if we don't look after them? What can we do to fix this?

What would happen if we looked after the equipment?



Look at your work from Friday's lesson and write how we can look after the equipment (You can also look at the picture below to remind you. 

Glue: If glue sticks lose their lids they will dry out. Make sure to put the lid on after. If you waste it, it could end up in the sea.


Y2: Explain what could happen to the equipment if it is mistreated and explain where it could end up and what may happen.

For example: If you don't look after your glue stick, it will dry out and will have to go in the bin. It could end up in the ocean and get eaten by sea creatures and it will make them poorly.