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English: Be Unique

Watch or read the story "The day the crayons quit"

Why do you think the crayons quit? What do you think the book is about?


Think about:

Who did the crayons write letters to?

Why have they written letters?

What do the crayons want?

Are they being treated fairly? Why?


Duncan doesn't really care and has a ‘oh it doesn’t matter’ mindset and that the crayons are throw away and can be replaced.

Where do you think the crayons will go? Will they end up in the bin if they are not looked after? If they go in the in, where will they end up? Think about the videos from yesterday. 

The Day the Crayons Quit - Animated Read Aloud

Task: Use the talk cards in pairs to discuss the story and how the crayons were treated.


Extension: How should the crayons have been treated? Pretend to be a crayon and write a question that you would like to ask Duncan.