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Ironville and Codnor Park Primary School

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Home Learning

Home Learning Expectations 


Dear Parents/Carers,


Unfortunately due to the current COVID 19 situation your child has to access their learning at home. 


Contacting School

If the school phone doesn’t get answered please leave a message as this gets sent to the school office computer so we can pick up your message and pass it on to the relevant member of staff.

Feedback from our Home Learning Questionnaire - February 2021


What is working well with the home learning? 

“I like the home calls from teachers offering any support needed, in this difficult time just having someone to talk to and offer help is good. Most of the online learning isn’t hard to do and kids are still learning what they need to at home. Teachers are doing a brilliant job in and out of school offering their help and time whenever needed!”

“I find the books are better than the work on the internet.”

“The online resource provided for example Reading eggs and TT Rockstars.”

“The calls they receive to check on how they are doing.”

“All is working fine. We are doing everything that’s set.”


Supporting Home Learning


Teachers will respond to any emails you send within 48 hours (Mon-Fri). Please remember that the email is there for you to communicate with the class teacher regarding work set. If you have a complaint, please follow the usual channels.



The school has been allocated a number of laptops for home learning from the DfE. If a class ‘bubble’ goes off in the future, we will be able to lend the vast majority of children a laptop to use at home. If we have a school closure again we will have to allocate them to the most vulnerable children in school. The laptops will be distributed either the day or next day of a ‘bubble’ or school closure.


Home Learning

We have provided information on how much work we expect children to complete every day. If you are a working parent/carer or if there is any other reason you would struggle to get your child to complete all of the above please can they at least complete the minimum requirement every day. At the end of each week of isolating please email the class teacher to let them know they have completed the four key tasks.


On Return to School

When your child returns to school they must return the work books for marking.



  • Platinum point - if your child completes their work (work books or online) and the minimum requirement your child will receive a Platinum every two days they completed it.  
  • House point - if your child completes the minimum requirement every day they will receive a House point for every day they completed it.  
  • Book - if your child completes their work every day for the whole of the ‘bubble’ or school closure they will receive a book as a special thank you to them for their positive attitude to their learning.


Phone Calls – per child

The school will make contact with every child in school at least twice a week to support their learning. We feel that it is beneficial to speak to your child to motivate them, just as they would be in school and there will be an opportunity to offer you advice with regards to the learning.  One phone call will be at the start of the week and one phone call towards the end of the week.


Some parents/carers will also receive a family support phone call and or a home visit.


If staff have to leave you an answer phone message because you do not answer the call, they will let you know what time they are trying and call you again. If the staff don’t manage to make contact, you might have a home visit.


The staff in school need to make sure they have had contact with you and your child at least twice a week.


Free School Meals (FSM)

If your child receives FSM there is a requirement to ensure that they still receive a meal while they are isolating. This does not include the Universal meals provided to all children under the age of 7. These are only received if your child is in school.

The school will be contact you about the arrangements for collecting FSM lunches or hampers. If you would struggle to come and collect them due to isolating or child care please contact the school and we will ensure these are delivered to you.


Thank you for all your support in this matter. We know it is a difficult time for you and your child and we appreciate everything you will be doing to help them learn at home. If you have any worries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the school.


Mrs Grundy, Mrs Smedley and Mrs Bowler


Senior Leadership Team