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Welcome back to move on in time from the Ancient Egyptians to the  'Revolting Romans'  topic for the Summer term.  Have a look, below, at our topic web and helpful web links. Don't miss our super Space Dress Up Day on 17th July! 


Your child has a daily  'Book Club' session so children read every day but we encourage reading for pleasure at home.  We have a 'Reading Chain Challenge' this year and would welcome any volunteers to come and listen to readers to improve children's confidence and skills.


We are continuing with our 'Superheroes' times table and 'Hit the Button' is an excellent website to do a daily dose of multiplication, as children in year 4 are expected to know them confidently to 12x .


Children will be given spellings on a Monday and they will be tested on these on a Friday.  If they achieve 10 out of 10 they will be awarded house points! It would be good to revisit any spellings that they have problems with as they are expected to be used in their writing. 


We will be taking Kestrels swimming on a Friday afternoon and our additional PE session is a Thursday.  Please could they make sure they have both indoor and outdoor PE kits at school for the week, including the appropriate footwear.   


If you have any questions or would like to share any information about our up-coming topics (particularly if you go fishing) please don't hesitate to come in to see either myself, Mrs Bowler or Mrs Hallsworth. 

Revolting Romans - Summer Term 

2.7.19 Lock Keeper's Garden - Radish Project Part 2: Harvesting with Andy Cadman

15.5.19 Radish Project 2019 - Lock Keeper's Gardens with Andy Cadman

1.5.19 Severn Trent Water - Wasting Water Week

Tomb Raiders - Can you change your fate?

Spring Term Two

18.3.19 Valley CIDS RE lesson

07.03.19 World Book Day

6.3.19 Shopping at the Post Office

Tomb Raiders - Can you change your fate?

Spring Term One


30.1.19 Maths Workshop - Exploring Floors of Multiplication with Cuisenaire

Homework Cake

'Up' - Rainforest Region in South America

Autumn Term Two

'Save the Orangutan' Campaign

26.11.18 Mrs Maker came in to make Christmas tree decorations for the local community Christmas tree

Investigating Mathematical Patterns with Cuisenaire

World War 1 - 100 years

Autumn Term One

'The Christmas Truce' Drama and letter writing

Autumn Term 1 - Mighty Mountains and Raging Rivers 

22.10.18 Harry Potter's Magic Art with Mrs Maker

01.10.18 Derbyshire County Council Road Safety workshop