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EYFS - We are going to be finishing our Wanted poster today for the Evil Pea! Today's task is to write the Evil Pea's name on the poster so people know who we are looking for! Can you then recap the story and look at the vegetables the Evil Pea was unkind to. Can you have a go at drawing some of these around the edge of your poster? I can't ait to see them! 

YR1 - We are going to follow on from yesterday's Literacy lesson where you were writing a sentence about the Evil Pea. Your first task is to read the sentence that  you wrote yesterday and the describing words which you labelled your drawing of the Evil Pea with. 

Your writing task today is to write one more sentence about how the Evil Pea looks - a different sentence to what you wrote yesterday. You can use the words you labelled your drawing with to help you. 

E.g.  He can be bad. The pea is not kind. Use your tricky word mats below to help you.