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EYFS - Yesterday, you wrote a sentence to match the picture you have drawn about looking after our local environment. Today I would like you to read the sentences which you have written and ask 'why is this important?' For example if you wrote ' I will plant flowers' you could talk about the importance of flowers to the insects and animals in the local environment and they make it look pretty,

This is a verbal task, if you have signed up for Tapestry and activated your account please have a go at recording and uploading onto there. If not then please send via email as usual. 

YR1 - Yesterday you drew a range of pictures about how to keep your local environment tidy and clean. Today can you label the pictures that you have drawn.

E.g. If you have drawn somebody picking up littler you could write 'pick up litter' next to your picture.

If you have drawn somebody planting flower you could write 'plant flower' next to your picture. 

Use the sound mats and tricky words below to help you.