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Ironville and Codnor Park Primary School

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In maths we are going to continue learning how to count in 2's. 


You will need items that you can use to count in 2's. This may be socks, pasta, spoons, grapes, sweets, pees, tomatoes... anything that you can find to put into pairs and count. 


After, use the hundred square to play the whisper... SHOUT game. You have to whisper the numbers that we don't say when counting in 2's (starting from 0) and shout the numbers that are in the 2 times table. 


Then use the 50 chart and colour in the numbers that appear in the 2 times table. Do you notice a pattern?

Count in 2s activity

Next play the Top Marks 'Toy shop money game' and practice counting in 2p coins to pay for the items.