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EYFS - Remembering your 1,2 rhyme from yesterday can you now write the numbers 1 -10 (or whichever number you went up to) on a piece of paper and cut them out so each number is on a different piece of paper. 

Your task for today is to video yourself singing the 1,2 rhyme you have created. Use the pieces of paper to show the camera when you say the numbers. 

E.g. 1,2   (holds up the numbers 1 and 2) a ghost says boo.

        3, 4 (holds up the numbers 3 and 4) a dinosaur roars.

If you have a Tapestry account and have activated it please have a go at uploading the video on here. If not then please send as usual via email. 

YR1 - Yesterday you listened to the story 'The Hungry Caterpillar' and focused on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, drawing what the caterpillar ate. Today you are going to finish the week and drawing what the caterpillar ate! 

You first need to complete writing the days of the week, following on from Wednesday.

Use the song below to help you. 

Then can you complete the drawings of what the caterpillar ate on each of the days by finding the correct day of the week in the book. Look at my example below to help you!