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EYFS - Today we are going to carry on working out one more than a given number and today we are going to do this by going shopping! 

Select either 0-10 or 0-20 objects from around your house and set them up as a shop. 

Place the items you want to buy into a bag, counting how many you have each time a new item is added.

Start with 1 item. When 1 more item is added to the bag, how many do you have then?

How many are there when you place another item in the bag?

Can you get to 20 items saying one more number for each object?

YR1 - After yesterday's lesson measuring the capacity of different containers today we are going to start to make predictions about the capacity of containers. 

Predict means to have an educational guess! E.g. I have a small lunch box container and I predict that it will take 5 cups of water to fill it to capacity.  When I start to fill up the lunchbox using the cups of water I could that it takes 4 cups to fill it to capacity. So  my prediction of 5 cups was close. 

Your task today is to

1. Watch the lesson below and then find 3 containers and 1 cup.

2. Make a prediction of how many cups of water it will take to fill each container and write it down.

3. Fill up the containers with water using the cup and count how many it takes and write it down.

4. Look to see if your prediction for each container was close.