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EYFS - Today we are going to put all what we have learnt about one more and have a go at some word problems! You can use practical equipment, the number line or your fingers to help you work out the answers. 


1.  If Jo has 6 sweets in her basket and then puts in one more sweet. How many sweets does Jo now have in her basket? 


2. Ben is making a bracelet, he has 4 beads on his bracelet and then decides to add one more bead. How many beads does Ben now have on his bracelet? 


3. Susan finds 8 footballs in the park, she then finds one more football behind the slide. How many footballs has Susan now found? 


Challenge - Zak has planted 16 trees and he has one more left to plant. How many trees will he plant altogether? 

YR1 - Today we are going to be looking at the difference between capacity (how much a container can hold) and volume (how much a container is holding.)

Watch the lesson below for some examples! 

Task - Can you find 3 containers and fill them with water to create the following volumes;




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