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EYFS- This week we have learnt all about finding one more than a number to 20. Yesterday you worked out some one more than word problems.

Your task today is to have a go at writing your own one more than word problem. You could give it to your adult to work out and then mark it to see if they get the correct answer! You can either do one more than to 10 or to 20.

E.g. Sophie has 6 flowers, she picks one more flower. How many does she have now? 



YR1 - This week we have been looking at comparing volume and capacity. 

Today we are going to be focusing on using the language of full, half full and empty. 

Watch the video below and think of the meaning of full, half full and empty. 

Task - Can you fill 3 containers, one full, one half fill and one empty and write a label to match each one.