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EYFS - After recapping addition to 5 yesterday we are going to look at finding the missing number needed to finish the equation. 

E.g. 2 + ? = 3 

So we need to find out the missing number, use your practical resources to help you! 

We would first take 3 counters (or whatever practical resource you are using) and then take away the number that is in the equation so for this equation it would be 2. We now have 1 counter left and this is our answer but lets check to see!

2 + 1 = 3 

It is right! Have a go at the others below. 


1 + ? = 2 


2 + ? = 4


YR1 - Watch the second lesson on tens and ones below and then have a go at working out the tens and ones from the sheet. Write them down on a piece of paper, be careful to count the ones correctly!