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Ironville and Codnor Park Primary School

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EYFS - Today we will be moving on to addition within 10! Using the skills we have learnt we are going to use our practical resources to challenge ourselves. Have a go at the equations below. 


4  + 2 =


5 + 2 = 


4 + 3 = 


5 + 3 = 


5 + 4 = 



YR1 - Today, you are going to have a go at drawing your own 10's and ones! Using the numbers below can you have a go at drawing the 10 and 1's to represent them? Use the picture below of the cuisenaire rods to help you! E.g. If the number was 12 I would draw 1 ten rod and 1 one rod. If you can choose the correct colours for your rods.