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Ironville and Codnor Park Primary School

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Photographs 2018 - 2019

100% attendance for Summer term

21.05.19 Robins open afternoon - Making fruit kebabs

 Comments from our Fruit kebab making session


"Thank you for inviting me in, I thoroughly enjoyed making healthy kebabs with my son."


"We had great fun working together to make the fruit kebabs."

09.04.19 Robins open afternoon

A few comments from parents/carers:


"I had a great afternoon finding out about what my child has been learning in school."

"Had lots of fun making our crazy penguin and loved finding out about the work they have been doing."

"Loved being able to see what our son has been learning and was great doing the interactive craft exercise."

" Had a fun filled afternoon, thank you!"

8.4.19 Singing Together - Singing Project with Riddings Junior School

A few comments from the parents and carers:


"Beautiful performance! Well done children."

"Well done!"

"Lovely singing kinds. Well done."

"Fab singing, Well done."

"Lovely singing kids. Well done."

"Super singing."

"I totally enjoyed every minute of it. Great singing."
"Great singing. Really enjoyed."


05.04.19 Easter Celebration Event

A few comments from the parents and carers:


"Had a lovely time. Was very nice to see what the children had been learning."

"Brill assembly and a great turn out from parents. Well done."

"It was a brill assembly. Great effort. Well done."

"Had a lovely time. Thank you for the invitation."

"Had a lovely time seeing all the children sing and all the lovely Easter gardens."

"Loved it."

"Really enjoyed the assembly. Loved seeing all the Easter gardens that the children had made, Lovely singing and recorder playing. Loved every minute!"

"I loved it. The children were awesome. Really enjoyed it and starting singing along."

"Brilliant time as usual. Kids loved having me and dad in school. Love these little events as it always gives me a chance to see how my children are in school. Keep it up it's always fun! Thanks for having us."

"Lovely Easter celebration. All the kids performed fantastically. Beautiful Easter gardens! Well done to all the children and a big thank you to all of the teachers and teaching assistants!"

"Great time. Loved seeing all kids sing and show their work."

"Wonderful Easter celebration. Great seeing all the children singing."

"Nice afternoon with all the children and all the work."

"Enjoyed the Easter assembly."

"Really enjoyed seeing all the kids at the Easter assembly. Well done."

27.03.19 Easter Garden making event

A few comments from the parents and carers:


"Had a great time making an Easter garden with our kids."

"Had a nice time spending time with the children in school."

"Lovely to spend time with our children and see so many other parents here too."

"Lovely afternoon making an Easter garden."

"What a great afternoon helping with learning about Easter."

"It has been a great afternoon helping with the Easter theme."

"It's been a lovely afternoon helping the boys finish making their Easter garden."

"Enjoyed making an Easter garden with my daughter."

"Had a really lovely time seeing my daughters imagination come to life. Was lots of fun."

"Had a nice time doing something together and being able to see their creative side."

"Wonderful time creating an Easter garden with our grandson, taking about the meaning of Easter whilst making the garden. Was brilliant fun. Thanks so much."

18.03.19 Anti-bullying workshop for parents and carers

31.01.19 Eagles Maths Open Session

A comment from a parent


"Had a fantastic morning learning maths with our daughter. Thank you for the opportunity." 

30.01.19 Kestrels maths open session

A few comments from the parents and carers:


"Really enjoyed getting involved in my daughters learning and seeing how she works things out for herself."

"I enjoyed getting involved in the maths lesson."

"Enjoyed the lesson. It was an insight to see what you are doing at the moment."

"I really enjoyed looking and learning what my son does during maths. Loved spending time with him. thank you." 

29.01.19 Robins Maths Open Session


A few comments from the parents and carers:


" Lovely morning learning division with both my children."

"Nice to see how my child works his maths out."

"Lovely morning learning maths with our son. Thank you."

"Lovely morning learning maths with my son and seeing him work out his maths. Excellent maths session."

"Had a lovely time spending time with my son in his maths class and to see how he is getting on with his maths work."

"I've enjoyed watching my grandson in class." 

23.01.19 Wrens Maths Open Session

A few comments from the parents and carers:


“ Really enjoyed seeing my child enjoy learning about maths and seeing his potential.”

“ Really enjoyed seeing and helping my son learn about maths.”

“ Loved helping my son with his maths work. I really enjoyed seeing him interact with the other children as well. “

" Helped my son with maths. He enjoyed the work, listened well and worked well with his numbers. It was nice to see what he does."

A few comments from our parents/carers


"What a lovely time we all had having Christmas dinner together. The staff and teachers in Christmas jumpers and Christmas songs playing really helped to get into the Christmas spirit! Lovely food too! Thank you for inviting us."

"Lovely dinner. Enjoyed lining up and eating with the children."

"Really enjoyed. Lovely to have dinner with the children."

"Enjoyed having dinner together. Children excited."

"Enjoyed having dinner and spending time with the kids. Really good."

"Loved having dinner with my beautiful girls. Dinner was lovely. Thank you!"

"Really enjoyed having Christmas dinner with my children, Thank you for allowing us to come in and also thank you to the dinner ladies. It was really nice. We hope you all have a merry Christmas and a happy new year."

"Had lots of fun having dinner with my children. We enjoyed the food and the cracker jokes. Got us in the mood for Christmas."
"Had a fantastic time. Dinner was lovely and we had lots of fun."

"The children and adults around out table had a lovely meal. Lots of laughter and smiles."

"Thank you very much for the invite. Was lovely having dinner with my grandson. Really enjoyable."

"Thank you very much. It was a lovely Christmas dinner and pudding! It was nice to see my children. Thank you."

"Thank you so much. The dinner was lovely and really enjoyed the happy excited atmosphere. Thank you."

"Thank you for a lovely dinner and pudding. Had a brilliant time."

"The dinner was very nice. I enjoyed the ice cream as well. Thank you so much. I had fun with other the other parents and my son. Merry Christmas to you all."

"Thank you so much for inviting us. I enjoyed the time at school and seeing my son happy."

"Thank you for the wonderful dinner we had lots of fun. Was good to see my son eating in his school environment."

"Thank you so much for letting us come and be part of your Christmas. Christmas dinner was lovely and we had great company on our table. Merry Christmas to you all."

"Thank you very much for our lovely Christmas dinner. Really enjoyed it. It was very tasty."

"Had a wonderful time. It was lovely seeing how they eat dinner at school and enjoyed a meal with them both. Will definitely do it again next year. The children loved it so don't think i'll have a choice!"

"Lovely dinner. Great service. Excellent. Would recommend. 4.5 out of 5!" 

"Lovely dinner had a great time with the kids."

"Had a lovely dinner with the kids."


17.12.18 Christmas Carol Concert

14.12.18 Christmas Celebration Event

A few comments from our parents/Carers


"Thank you. Had fun watching all the children's work. Very good."

"Fantastic! Loved the singing. The letters were amazing. Thank you for a lovely afternoon."

"Brilliant service. Kids did amazing! Lovely afternoon."

"Had a lovely time watching the kids sing."

"Lovely time seeing kids singing."

"Nice time seeing kids singing."

"Had a lovely time listening to what the children have throughout and hearing their lovely singing."

"Had a good time at the assembly and hearing kids sing."

"Lovely singing from the children. Lovely wreaths. Well done everyone!"

"Thank you for inviting me, wonderful event.  Well done to all the children and ICP."

"Such a lovely event, the singing, the reading out of the letters was great.  the quality of the wreaths was outstanding (works of art!)."

"Thank you - we have had a lovely time, so pleased my son got a prize for his wreath, his face lit up, it was so lovely.  So, thank you very much."

"Thank you very much for the invite.  Really enjoyed it.  Very well presented.  Well done everybody."

"Thank you for the invitation - it was a lovely assembly.  All the wreaths were lovely."

"The children were great, loved every minute of the assembly.  The wreaths were lovely too."

"The children were brilliant - great celebration."

"Excellent event, a real pleasure to attend and enjoy."

05.12.18 Christmas Wreath making

A few comments from our parents


"Really enjoyed this afternoon helping my daughter."

"Really enjoyed making wreaths with my children. Boys enjoyed it as well."

"Really enjoyed helping my son make a wreath. He enjoyed it."

"Really enjoyed helping my daughter make her wreath. She really enjoyed it."

"Really enjoyed making Christmas wreaths with my daughter."

"Loved making the Christmas wreaths with my daughters. Lots of fun."

"Thanks so much for inviting me to make Christmas wreaths today! We had so much fun together. Some fabulous wreaths made!"

"Really enjoyed doing this. The kids loved it."

"Thank you for this. It was great. Me and my son really enjoyed it."

"Thank you was great. Really enjoyed the one to one."

"Thank you for the opportunity to get creative with my children."

"Really great fun with the kids. Enjoyed it." 

23.11.18 Tapestry for EYFS Parents/Carers


A few comments from our parents/carers


"Great information. Looking forward to seeing Tapestry up and running."

"Great information and handouts."

"Good information looking forward to seeing it up and running."

"Really enjoyed the information and going to see what the children will be up to."

14.11.18 Book Club Open session


A few comments from our parents/Carers


"Really enjoyed this session. Was nice to see the children using their descriptions from the book and bring them to life on paper."

"Enjoyed the book club session. Loved seeing that the children don't just sit and read. They use there imagination, describe what they think is going to happen."

24.10.18 Robins parents came in to help build a Bug Hotel as part of our DT topic on animal homes

A few comments from our parents

"It was brilliant watching the children and their peers doing team exercise so nicely together."

" The best yet! Really enjoyed being outside, the kids and their parents loved it. Good team effort."

"I have really enjoyed playing and making the mini beast hotel. Loved spending time with my son, his little face was a picture."

" Really loved spending time with my daughter. Loved every minute of it!"

" Had a lovely time with my son. He loves being outside. All the children had a great time."


10.10.18 Wrens parents/carers were invited in for a maths open session

A few comments from parents and carers -


"Really enjoyed being with my daughter in her school. I got to see how well she is doing and how she interacts with her teacher and other children."

"Really enjoyed being with my daughter in her school. Just seen how well she is learning."

"Really enjoyed seeing how the kids learn maths and all the different ways they teach."

"Enjoyed watching my child learn numbers."

"Really enjoyed playing with the children and getting to see what they have been doing."

18.09.18 Wrens parents/carers were invited in for a phonic workshop


A few comments from parents and carers -


"Enjoyed learning what the children do in phonics. Thank you."

"Fantastic learning about what my children do in school. Great session. Thank you."

"Really enjoyed the session. Gave us some ideas for home. Thank you."

"It's really good to see how the children learn phonics. Thank you."

"Enjoyed seeing what the children are doing in school."