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This week is National Story Telling Week, so each class is going to learn, by heart, a story to tell. Eagles are going to learn the story of 'The Selfish Giant' by a very famous author called Oscar Wilde. I have saved it as a powerpoint, pdf and word document as I know you all have different preferences depending on the device you are using for your learning. If you can access the powerpoint though, click on the 'Slide show' tab across the top, then click 'From Beginning' in the top left corner, which will then activate the speaker icons on each page, where you can listen to someone read it to you. (See my screen shot below for help with this)


Our job this week in Book Club each day, is to learn this story inside out to be able to retell it confidently. The children in school will be performing the story to the other classes in a zoom assembly and we are asking the home learners to record themselves retelling it for the class page and school facebook page. Remember, practice make perfect!


Mrs Palmer will be adding in some actions to support our ability to remember it, so watch this space!


Good luck everyone, I can't wait to hear how you get on.

READING EGGSPRESS: Another incredible performance from Makenzi, who is leading the way for us all. Fantastic work Makenzi - keep this up!