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Welcome back!


We hope that you had a fantastic half term break! Our topic this term continues to be 'London's Burning!' Please see below for the topic plan  and some exciting web site links to use to support learning this term. 


P.E. in Robins Class is on a Tuesday and Thursday. P.E. kits are needed for both sessions so please ensure they are in school on these days. 


Spellings are given out on a Monday in Robins class and are tested the following Friday. Please could you help your child practise their spellings each week so that they are prepared for their test on the Friday. Listening to your child read at least 3 times a week is extremely important in order to build their confidence, stamina and speed. This forms part of our homework policy so please ensure that you support your child to fulfil this expectation. The children have access to the library bus once a month and there will be text reminders of the dates. Look at our English page for book recommendations for your child. 


If there are any concerns or questions then please do not hesitate to ask Mrs Mee (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday) or Mrs Hovell (Thursday & Friday). 


Thank you. 

Spring Term- London's Burning

Science week: 9th - 13th March 2020

We had lots of fun using our knowledge of the properties of materials to choose a material to wrap Humpty Dumpty in to protect him when he falls. We made a prediction for each material and  then tested our prediction by dropping poor Humpty!


Tuesday 10/3/2020

Today's super science was making bouncy, glow in the dark eyeballs! 

Click the link below to learn a bit about the science of bouncing.

World Book Day 2020- We had a fantastic time dressing up as our favourite characters!

Share a million stories - bedtime story - 2/3/2020

We started off the week by sharing the joy of a bedtime story. Mrs Bowler started the day by introducing the 'Share a Million Stories' challenge in assembly. Robins then had parents in to share the lovely Julia Donaldson book 'Zog' wearing our pyjamas and enjoying milk and biscuits. We loved watching the film afterwards and joining in with the repeated words that we had learnt from the book. I'm over the moon to hear that more children in Robins have been sharing bedtime stories with their parents ever since - that's amazing! Keep it up everyone! Thank you to the parents who came to join in with such an important event.

E Safety Pantomime 3rd February 2020

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue - 13/1/2020

We really enjoyed learning what the fire fighters do as well as how to stay safe at home and what to do in an emergency. Children learnt the importance of having working fire/smoke alarms in the home. Please allow your child to test if these work regularly. We also learnt about fire escape plans for the home so all members of the family know how to get out of the house in an emergency. You can find advice about this on the Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service website:


Autumn Term - The Lion King

As you may well have heard, we have recently introduced Commando Joe’s to our school. The aim of the sessions is to teach the children RESPECT for themselves and those around them. The key character traits the scheme aims to develop are: resilience, empathy, self-awareness, passion, excellence, communication and teamwork. The children have really enjoyed the sessions so far during our ‘Lion King’ topic…

Mission 1: After running from the charging stampede of Buffalos at Pride Rock, Simba found himself all alone in the African Savannah. Being a Lion Cub, Simba is still learning about the circle of life and potential dangers of being separated from his pride. In order to survive, Simba will need to look beyond differences, embrace a new friendship with a Meerkat and Warthog and look past differences when meeting others.

Task: During this mission, children had to mix themselves up into different friendships groups in order to survive and win the task.

Outcome: We learnt the importance of helping each other and working as a team. We practised taking turns to speak and listen so that everyone was heard, ensuring we were showing everyone respect.

Mission 2: By looking beyond differences, Simba had formed new friendships and was settling into his new habitat. One day, while hunting, he met Nala, his best friend from his pride. Nala was returning to Pride Rock to inform the pride that Simba was safe and well when she became stranded and in grave danger within unknown territory. Knowing the terrain of these new lands Simba and his friends must now negotiate the river in order to save Nala.

Task: To work as team to identify a safe passage though the African Savannah and across the dangerous crocodile infested waters to save Nala.  Children could use any of the resources they found around them in the Savannah but must not touch the water.

Outcome: Children learnt to work as a team, taking turns, self – awareness of their own abilities, kindness and empathy when caring for the rest of the team to ensure they crossed the river safely, resilience to keep trying when their plans did not work and they needed to try other options, confidence to share their ideas, have a go and realise when things are not working and a new plan was needed.

Mission 3:  To identify and collect food sources which will help the group survive.

Task: To identify safe food sources in order to restore their energy for the journey ahead. As carnivores and without hunting potential in this territory Simba and his friends will need to collect enough food for the team to survive. Children worked as a team to collect safe food to eat, avoiding poisonous insects and snakes.

Outcome: Children learnt to work as a team to collect as much food as possible. Some teams planned a strategy to use their pockets to store food rather than just collecting it in their hands. Children learnt resilience to keep going when they fell off broken down tree stumps and other obstacles. Children showed care, concern and team spirit when they gave advice to other members of their team to avoid the poisonous snakes! They then worked as team to count the number of insects they had collected and find the winning team!

On Wednesday 25th September, Robins had a great time running a mile for National Fitness Day.

Well done everyone, and a special thank you to our  super camera man, Jack!

Road Safety Workshop 1/10/209

Today, Robins enjoyed a Road Safety Workshop where they learnt the importance of holding hands with a grown up, walking on the inside of the path and finding a safe place to cross the road. Please find a parent's information letter and safety poster in your child's book bag.

Mission 4: To use clear instructions to negotiate a dangerous passage through the elephant graveyard, during the dead of night, without good vision.

Task: To use good, clear communication to guide the team through the elephant graveyard in the dead of night, back to Pride Rock. Not all animals have good night vision, so the team must use their communication skills to give clear instructions, helping their team members weave through dangerous ground, avoiding obstacles, leading them to safety.

Outcome: Children learnt the importance of taking turns to speak and listen. Talking over each other, without listening, led to accidents and meant that the team were not kept safe. The consequence of this was, team members not trusting their team. Clear, well thought out instructions were essential to guide their blindfolded team members through the obstacles. Trust and friendship were crucial, making the blindfolded team members feel safe, secure and brave enough to follow the instructions they were given, trusting that their team would lead them to safety, rather than danger. All of these skills improved significantly throughout the session as the children watched other teams attempt the mission, realising what went wrong and how they could improve when it was their teams turn. Therefore, we also learnt to evaluate our own practise, considering how we would improve if we were to repeat the mission.

Mission 5: To identify the most appropriate equipment to successfully transport water.

Task: Having travelled through the elephant graveyard and successfully guiding those without night vision, Simba and his friends have successfully confronted Scar and the Hyenas. Having reclaimed his title as King, Simba is shocked to discover the full extent of damage caused to his former territory. The animals are hungry and the watering hole has completely dried up. Can Simba and his friends restore Pride Rock to its former glory? Can the group successfully transport water from the river back to the watering hole before it is too late?

Outcome: Children learnt to take turns, walk slowly to avoid spilling the precious water and to avoid slipping accidents. We stopped at various points for children to share their ideas and make rules to keep us all safe: no running, looking behind us before we turned around to avoid crashing into other people and spilling their water. The children also shared their ideas about how best to carry the water without spilling it, such as not filling their cup right to the top as this caused spills and a dangerous, slippy floor. We realised the value of teamwork: that everyone working together made the job much faster and easier, not to mention much more fun!


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Still image for this video

Harvest Festival Church Service - Monday 21st October 2019

We had a lovely time singing our Harvest Festival songs at the church this morning. Thank you to the parents who came to watch and support us.

Bonfire night

Year 1 and 2 children from Robins and Wrens enjoyed a bonfire themed day today. First we learnt about bonfire night safety, then we had hot dogs, hot chocolate and marshmallows. We will use our experiences to write poems using all 5 senses: smell, taste, touch, sight and feeling. Thank you to Di and Mrs Hallsworth for their wonderful catering skills!