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Vocabulary -  Can you research the words ' asteroid' and 'comets' and find out they are are? Draw a quick picture to show explain them - remember to keep the pictures! 



Today we are going to build on what we learnt yesterday about the Earth orbiting the sun. We are going to learn more about the sun and how other planets orbit it too! Look at the links below to find out about the sun and the orbits of the planets. 

Task - Now you have explored the Sun and found that its's gravity creates the orbit for the planets in the solar system can you now have a go at drawing the planets orbiting the sun? Have a look at the example below if you are unsure. 


Y2: As above but label the planets. Remember to use capital letters as they are names.

Movement of the Planets in our Solar System Animation

This animation demonstrates how planets move in the solar system. how they rotate on their axes and orbit the sun. Great for kids to learn facts on how long ...