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Something Interesting!

Well would you believe it, after me saying how amazing our sunny weekend was and how much I love spring, I then received a message from Julie Sheldon this morning with a new poem she wrote on Sunday evening about the very same thing! I feel so privileged to receive Julie's poems as she writes them, and be able to share them with you all too. 


Julie said:


I wrote this last night after such a beautiful weekend.... all of it seen and heard whilst gardening!


All's well!


Today was the last day of Winter

And oh what a glorious sight!

From glistening frost in the morning....

To blue sky.... then snow moon at night


I spent the whole day in the garden

Absorbing the promise of Spring

Observing the wonders of Nature

From plant life to birds on the wing


A buzzard so high above soaring

Magnificent, wild and so free

A ladybird bright in the sunlight....

The buzz of a brave bumble bee


The love songs of two robins courting

Heads back and displaying their chest

The blue tit inspecting the bird box

In search of a good place to nest


The green spikes of bulbs now emerging

The snowdrops already so bold

The crocuses......enthusiastic

A carpet of purple and gold


The sun feeling warm through the branches

Encouraging leaf buds to swell

Tomorrow begins the new season

Today the garden....all's well!


Julie Sheldon