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Ironville and Codnor Park Primary School

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Summer One & Two

Welcome back for hopefully a sunnier Summer Term where we will be moving on from the Romans and finding out what what happening in Anglo- Saxon Britain at the time of the Viking invasion. We will be looking at how the way of life changed for people, looking at evidence and making comparisons. We will be enjoying developing life skills of cooking and money this term. 

In Science we will be continuing being chemists and experimenting with dissolving, separating and changing materials before we move on to exploring physics: exploring magnets and circuits and light. 

We will also be sharing our local knowledge of Ironville village with another SHINE school Scotholme and have the chance to develop an understanding of their experience of living in an inner city school.


If you have any specific interests in these areas which you would like to share please let me know. 


We will be learning the songs for 'Ironville will Rock You!' check out the link below that takes you to the lyrics and the songs for you to practice.

Horrible Histories | Vicious Vikings | Compilation | Horrible Histories

Time for the Age of the Vicious Vikings! Sail back to a time with lots of fearsome seafaring Viking warriors with big boats, big shields and enormous ginger beards. Subscribe for more Horrible History: Visit our website: Watch more: Horrible Histories Compilations Horrible Histories Sketches and Parodies Horrible Histories SONGS!