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Summer Two

Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside! Summer has finally arrived and we can't wait to paddle in the sea, make sand castles, enjoying ice creams, go rock pooling and enjoy the seaside. We shall be learning about what the seaside used to be like in the past and compare this to the sea side today. We shall also be learning about water and sun safety. We know that plastic is bad for the environment and Wrens shall learn about what we can do to help the planet, especially the sea creatures. We shall also be exploring under the sea - what animals we can find, look at ship wrecks and exploring the deep, blue ocean. 



BBC Schools Barnaby Bear Goes To The Seaside

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καλως ηρθες στην ΕΛΛΑΔΑ (Welcome to Greece) 

Join us on our trip to Greece for Wonderful World Week. We will be exploring where Greece is, the Greek Gods and why they were important, tasting different Greek foods as well as cooking Greek food! Oh, and don't forget about the pate smashing... OPA! 🍽️

We have been working very hard at name writing and we are now going to have a go at learning how to write our name in Greek. We shall also be doing lots of art and D&T, including designing Greek temples with art straws and designing and decorating our own Greek vase. We shall also host our very own Olympic games, where the children will participate in variety of Greek games. 

Ancient Greece

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