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Ironville and Codnor Park Primary School

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1. Jayden is working really hard to maintain his pole position and increased his score by 282 yesterday giving him a total of 11,740 correct answers - excellent work Jayden!


2. Lucas remains in 2nd position with 9,558 correct answers but must log in regularly to hang on to this!


3. Jake is also working hard each day, adding 68 correct answers to his score yesterday giving him a total of 7,699.


4. Sydney has managed to maintain her 4th  position with 5,667 correct answers but, like Lucas, must log in regularly to keep adding to her score or risk losing her place.


5. All change again for 5th place as Ollie has come storming up the leader board, increasing his score by 745 yesterday, giving him a grand total of 4,178! Wowee - excellent work Ollie!


6. Kie remains in 6th position having increased his score by 110 yesterday, giving him a total of 3,983. Well done Kie!


7. Lexi has moved back to a still very respectable 7th place, with her total of 3,961 correct answers having increased her score by 278 yesterday.


8. That means Wilbland is now in 8th place with a total of 3,800 correct answers, up by 29.


9. Ella is still in 9th position with 3,427 correct answers, but must log in regularly to maintain her Top 10 position.


10. A similar story for Wiktoria, who has managed to remain in the Top 10 with 2,854, despite not having logged on to increase her score. Sienna is very close behind you Wiktoria!


A very loud shout out to Ollie for his huge and extremely impressive increase of 745 yesterday, climbing 3 places up the leader board. Watch out Sydney - he’ll be stealing your 4th position very soon!