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Tuesday 13th July 2021

Well done to Wiktoria, Ffion, Oliver, Jayden and Aidan who logged in and worked hard on TTRS yesterday.


Well done to Kyla, Makenzi and Jayden and who logged in and worked hard on Reading Eggs yesterday.


Please remember that you must do each of these minimum requirements each day while you are learning from home: TTRS, Reading Eggs, Spellings and PE. Here is a reminder of Mrs Grundy has set out to reward you for your work:



  • Platinum point - if your child completes their work (work books or online) and the minimum requirement your child will receive a Platinum for every day they completed it.  
  • House point - if your child completes the minimum requirement every day they will receive a House point for every day they completed it.  
  • Book - if your child completes their work every day for the whole of the ‘bubble’ or school closure they will receive a book as a special thank you to them for their positive attitude to their learning.

Counting from 1 to 10 in Japanese

http://learnjapanesepod.comIn this video, you will learn how to count from 1 to 10 in Japanese.

Watch the video a few times to get used to saying the numbers and pause it at each number to write down the Japanese symbol and word to support your learning. Use what you have learnt to write a set of addition and subtraction questions using numbers 0-10. Try to use each number at least once.

What is the Pacific Ring of Fire? (Geography/English)

Japan lies on the Pacific Ring of Fire, but what is that? Conduct your own research to find out about this and explain everything you learn.


Our aim this week is to create our own information text, so each day we will work on a different section until we can piece it all together at the end of the week. Include as many details as you can in each section.


Traditionally, the capital city of Japan is where the emperor lived. Is this still true?

Can you name and research the capital of Japan? Where in Japan is it? What is the population? What can you find out about it and who is the current emperor? What important event is happening in Japan's capital later this month?


What is origami? (Art and design)

Can you find a definition for the word origami? Can you follow instructions to make an origami item? There are lots online to choose from. Please send in photographs of your wonderful creations - I can't wait to see them! Will anyone make an origami Yoda, I wonder?