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Wednesday 14th July 2021

Well done to Maizie, Jayden, Aidan, and Lexi who all logged in and worked hard on TTRS yesterday.


Well done to Tyler, Amelia, Ffion and Jayden who all logged in and worked hard on Reading Eggs yesterday.


A VERY SPECIAL mention to Tyler who worked exceptionaly hard and completed 14 lessons on Reading Eggs in one day! Wowee Tyler, keep up the good work!!

Remember that our task throughout the week is to create an information text about Japan, so each of your tasks should have a new sub-heading.


What is the currency (money system) in Japan? i.e English currency is counted in pounds (£) and pence (p)

  • Find images of Japanese money.
  • Do they have coins and notes like the UK?
  • What is the exchange rate of against the British pound? So how much is £1 and £10 worth in Japanese currency? 
  • Have a go at using a currency converter: 
  • Compare the price of some common items, like a loaf of bread or a bottle of coke in Japan and England? How much would it cost me for a dozen eggs to make an omelette? How much would I have to pay for a pair of jeans in each country? Investigate a few other items of your choice.


If I went to Japan, where should I visit?

  • What are the landmarks and main tourist attractions of Japan?
  • Make a list of Japanese tourist attractions then choose one to write about in more detail telling me as much as you can about what I can see and do when I am there. How much will it cost me in Japanese and English currency?


What sort of clothes do people wear in Japan?

  • Are there any traditional Japanese items of clothing?
  • Investigate Japanese traditional clothing.
  • Are there certain patterns for the tradition dress or can they be any design?
  • Do people still wear the traditional clothing? If so, when?
  • What clothes do Japanese people wear in their everyday lives?
  • Are there any famous Japanese clothes designers or brands?


Can you design your own Traditional Japanese outfit?

  • Choose your colours and designs carefully to represent you.
  • Can you incorporate any of the traditional colours or patterns too?
  • Don’t forget to consider the length of the sleeves as this holds a message too.