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Class Photographs 2023-2024

During forest schools the children made a wormery using an old plastic bottle, some soil and some sand. They then added some grass cuttings and some worms so that they could make observations over time. We wrapped the bottle with black paper to make it dark like it is underground. The children loved to see how the worms had mixed up the soil and the sand and pulled down the grass cuttings further into the bottle. This is what worms do in the garden. They help carry decaying material into the soil, where it is broken down by microorganisms into nutrients that can be used by plants to grow. The children used box modelling resources to show worms popping through the soil.

We have been paper weaving during our art lessons. The children enjoyed using the food colouring to dye the paper strip different colours and practiced the weaving method using thread first before practicing with paper.

The children have been learning what a Sunflower needs to grow and they have enjoyed planting some seeds into pots to take home and grow for themselves. They are going to take care of them and then measure to see how tall they grow. This also relates to our Year one’s maths lessons as they have been learning about measuring objects.

Easter Day

Wow! Farmer Duck has been doing lots of hard work on the farm, whilst the farmer was being very lazy! We have been carrying out the role of both the farmer and the duck in our role play area and we have used our sequence cards to retell the story.

DT - We have been planning what we would like our cars to look like. We made cars using mobilo and then tried to recreate our designs using Purple Mash. We then made a net of our design and stuck this together to make our car shape.

We have been making dragons and lanterns for the Chinese New Year. The Luna New Year animal this year is the Wood Dragon.

In Science we have been investigating sound and what we hear. We created a variety of sounds and described what we could hear using the vocabulary that we have learnt such as soft, loud and quiet. The musical instrument sounds were our favourite!

This term in maths, some of us have been comparing mass and capacity practically in different ways.

We were so excited when Santa came to visit us!

We had fun learning about Diwali which includes learning about Rama and Sita

This term some of us have been learning about 2D shapes whilst others have been learning about 3D shapes.

In Drawing club we are focusing on the story ‘Room on the Broom’ so we have turned our role play area into a witches kitchen where the witch can create new potions and spells.

In Shining Start we love sharing stories with each other.

We followed instructions on how to make a chocolate mug cake as part of English experience day. We measured, we mixed, we poured and we added in our favourite sweet treats of chocolate chips, smarties and mini marshmallows. After they had finished cooking in the microwave, we let them cool before eating them. They were delicious!