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Ironville and Codnor Park Primary School

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Summer Term Two


Welcome to the last half term of the year Wrens and what an eventful year we have had! We start back into our new half term replying to our letters from our ' Dear New Friend Project' which I know you will be excited about. We are then going to follow a seaside theme for a few weeks and focus on books including 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' and ' Sharing a Shell'. We end of term with Wonderful World Week and this year we are learning all about Iceland and the Icelandic culture! 

Our PE days continue to be on a Tuesday and Friday so please come in PE kits on these days. 

Homework is marked on a Friday so please make sure your bring in your booklets to collect the points for your prizes!

As always please continue reading to your child at least three times a week but because of the impact of COVID reading fives times a week e.g. Monday - Friday will have huge benefits for your child. Please remember that they also have access to Reading Eggs and Phonic Bug online - please email me if you have forgotten their login details. 

We look forward to seeing you all on the first Monday back for a busy half term, if you have any questions please ring through to the main office for a longer conversation or come and see myself (Miss Tuxford) or Miss Stevenson or Mrs McCormack for a quick question who will be happy to help!

Summer Term One 


Hello Wrens, a big welcome back after your well deserved Easter holidays! I hope you have had a good rest as we have got a very busy half term ahead of us packed with great new knowledge, learning and activities! 

We are staring off with one of our favourite books - Farmer Duck and we will be writing to the Farmer to persuade him to be kind to the duck. We will also be exploring the books I will Never Not Eat a Tomato and Zog! 

Our Year Ones will be exploring the theme of 'Pocahontas: Trouble in the tribe' where they will be exploring the world and different habitats. 

Our PE days continue to be on a Tuesday and Friday morning so please come dressed in PE kit on those days. 

A reminder that our homework is marked on a Friday - there are some fantastic activities for the whole family to get involved with too - so please ensure that you bring your homework book in on a Friday. 

Please do read with your child at least 3 times per week, this will have a significant impact on their reading progress and it is an activity which has a whole range of other benefits for both you and your child. 

The children in Wrens also have access to both Phonic Bug and their Reading Egg logins and they love to learn on these. Please do email me if you have misplaced the logins for either. 

As always, if you have any questions please do come and speak to myself, Miss Stevenson or Mrs McCormack.

Spring Term Two


Hello Wrens!!! A HUGE welcome back to school! We have missed you all a lot and are so happy for us to be returning to our normal classes! We have got a great half term planned for you we are starting off the first week with Pirates and Science week is also linked to this! We will be carrying out experiments and seeing if the pirate ships you make float or sink! We will then move onto The Very Hungry Caterpillar and finally Easter with Easter egg hunts, nest making and exploring the story behind Easter. 

Our Year Ones have a great topic to explore - The Crown! You will be learning all about the Monarchy both past and present. Scone tasting, designing and making is just one of the great activities to look forward to this term! 

Our PE days remain on a Tuesday and Friday, please ensure your child comes dressed in their PE kit. 

Homework will continue to be marked on a Friday please ensure that your child completes at least the minimum requirement for this. 

As always please read with your child at least 3 times per week, more than this word certainly be beneficial! They can also access Reading Eggs and their Phonic Bug Login. 

If you have any questions, concerns or comments please do contact the school and I will call you back after school hours or please do email me at 


Spring Term One 


Hello Wrens! A big welcome back after the Christmas holidays, I hope you all had a relaxing time off school and enjoyed playing with your toys. This half term we are focussing on some very exciting celebrations which are happening around the world including Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day and New Year! In addition to this it is national story telling day so we will be reading and enjoying stories more than we usually do! The Year One's in Wrens will also be following the same planning as Robin's in the Foundation Subjects and this term they will be learning all about the Royal Family past and present! 

As usual please read with your child at least 3 times per week, your child also has their phonic bug login inside the back of their yellow reading diary for you to log onto and read a range of phonic books individually matched to your child's reading level. For those who have signed up to Tapestry please also look out for activities that your child is participating in at school and activities which they could do at home. PE sessions continue to be on a Tuesday and a Friday, please ensure that your child comes in PE kit on those days. As always if you have any questions please do contact me at etuxford@ironvillecodnorpark.derbyshire.schuk or one of the EYFS team on the playground. We look forward to seeing all the children back in January and we wish you all a very happy New Year! The EYFS Team. 

Autumn Term Two

Welcome back after a well deserved half -term break! All the children have worked really hard over the past seven weeks and have settled well into school life. The second half of Autumn Term is one of my favourites, we have a great selection of books and writing activities as well as the children posting their letters to Santa and making their own wrapping paper! 

PE session continue to be on a Tuesday and Friday, please bring your child to school dressed in their PE kit, they will stay in this all day. Please do read with your child every night is possible, if not three times a week would be great and do have a look at the online Phonics Bug as their a wide range of books to read on here! Homework books will still be marked on a Friday so please make sure your child has their booklet in their bag. 

As always please do come and speak to me if you have any questions, on the playground or telephone the school if a longer conversation is needed. It will soon be Christmas!

PE will be on a Tuesday and a Friday so please ensure your child brings PE kit on these days. Your child will also be participating in Forest Schools with Mrs Castle on a Wednesday afternoon - this is a favourite! If you have any questions please phone the school and ask to speak with myself (Miss Tuxford) or Miss Stevenson (EYFS TA). 

Autumn Term One