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Welcome to our page about the Mathematics curriculum. If you would like further information about how we teach Mathematics in Ironville & Codnor Park Primary School please see the curriculum subject leader Mr Garrard or contact her via email   If you would also like to see how we teach the children at Ironville & Codnor Park Primary School to +, -, x and ÷ please go to the helpful information section on the parents’ page.  


Maths is at the heart of all that we do and is an essential discipline in today’s rapidly changing world. We educate children both in and about maths so that they can use this powerful tool to begin to understand the world around them. 

Maths Mastery is the approach that we undertake, ensuring there is no ceiling of our pupil’s learning but also ensuring that a solid and mastered knowledge of the areas of maths we teach is secure.  Our long term plan enables the National Curriculum to be covered effectively as it is split into small steps that build on prior knowledge from the year group before as well as extending learning ready for the next year. These small steps ensure that coverage is not rushed and that there is plenty of time for consolidation. Extension of all learning is through application of the maths skills they have acquired in various contexts. This includes worded problems, problem solving, investigations, puzzles and games as well as practical activities. Times tables knowledge underpins everything and the importance of learning these by heart is instilled in our pupils.


The curriculum has been designed to effectively meet the aims and objectives of the National Curriculum: allowing children to achieve as independent thinkers by spotting and applying knowledge of patterns in mathematical thinking. It incorporates more time for children to apply their skills, to demonstrate a deeper understanding of mathematics and to see mathematics in everything they do, both across the rest of the curriculum in school and in the wider world.


The maths curriculum at Ironville and Codnor Park Primary school is supported by Adam Newton at Scotholme Primary School (a partner school in the Shine MAT). The White Rose Scheme of Learning as well as Power Maths is used to support planning.

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