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Ironville and Codnor Park Primary School

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School Representatives

Ironville & Codnor Park Primary School

Pupil Responsibilities 2021 – 2022



Chair of School Council

Ffion Gray


School Council

Robins - Ethan Disney and Florrie Hall

Kingfishers - Leo Hewitt and PB

Kestrels - Ronan Finney and Honey Walker

Eagles-  Thomas Amatt and Sydney Harrison 



Robins - Brandon Dawson

Kingfishers - Rhys Finney 

Kestrels - Jayden Lingwood-Harris

Eagles-  Ffion Gray


Lunch Time Monitors

Lacie-Anne Robinson and Kyle Smith

Honey Walker and Codey Insley 



Monday - Lexi Godfrey and William Howard

Tuesday - Kyla Smith and Ethan Hague

Wednesday - Sydney Harrison, Ffion Gray and Thomas Amatt

Thursday - Alicia Coope Smith and Jayden Newbold

Friday - Elise Cook and Alfie Hendy 


House Captains

Calke Abbey - Oliver Purdy and Victoria Sobaszek

Chatsworth – Wilbland Odume and Sydney Harrison 

Hardwick  Kyla Smith and Mia-Louise Ryn-Wild

Kedleston – Lexi Godfrey and Tyler Rushton 



For further information about the School Representatives please contact the co-ordinators via the school email  


School Council - Mrs Smedley

Anti-bullying - Miss Crossley

Lunchtime Monitors - Mrs Grundy

Mini-Leaders and House Captains - Mrs Smedley

Pupil Council 2020-2021