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Ironville and Codnor Park Primary School

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Class Photographs 2021-2022

We have recapped our knowledge of good food hygiene, safety procedures to prepare and create a Caribbean (Jamaican) fruit salad.

Today parents were invited in to take part of Wonderful World Week. The children recapped their knowledge of habitats, oceans and continents to learn about Jamaican sea creatures. The children then made their own octopi and jelly fish sun catchers.

The children applied the skills learnt in DT to make their own healthy sandwich


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English experience day. We re-enacted the birds movements when flying through the busy forest.

Re-enacting birds dancing through the forest

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Re-enacting birds dancing through the forest

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Re-enacting birds dancing through the forest

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Planting and harvesting our own food.

The children used their sense of touch, smell and taste to investigate which piece of food that they were tasting.

Windsor Castle experience: We found out a lot about castles in the past and also about the weaponry used.

Today Robins have been learning about special places of worship. Seeing as though we were not able to visit churches and mosques, we brought the experience to school. The children learnt about how Muslims pray and what they do when visiting a mosque, following their rules.

Painting our Platinum Jubilee plates

We pulled apart sandwiches to identify the ingredients used and what part of the eat well plate the ingredients came from.

The children have been enjoying experimenting with bubbles as part of science week. The children also went on a flower hunt around school spotting common plants as part of our science lesson.

The children worked in teams and travel through the Amazon rainforest and make a new camp in the dead of night. One had night vision goggles, one a doctor and guiding the rest of the team. We worked well as a team.

We had fun learning about plants, what they need to grow and planting our own beans.

In RE, we learned about Diwali and made our own Diya lamps.

The children enjoyed learning about how to be safe online as part of Internet Safety Day 2022.

The children enjoyed ordering and retelling the story Jack and the beanstalk as part of National Story Telling Week.

The children have designed a free standing building and are exploring the construction resources they have planned to see if it will stand for at least 5 seconds.

Commando Joe - What will you pack for your mission in the Amazon rainforest?

Little Red Riding Hood Pantomime

Santa came to visit!

Victorian Day: The children have loved learning about Victorian school life!

oDd SoCk dAy! 🧦

Our Autumn Hunt Recount

Bridge hunt around Ironville.

Poetry day - My colour poem

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Science - exploring materials.

Our trip around the local area

Jessica Bowers author visit

Making bird feeders