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Class Photographs and Blog 2021-2022

                                       Thursday 16th September 2021

By Alfie and Elise

Today in maths we have learnt numbers to 1,000,000. We used the bar model to partition the numbers in lots of different ways. We had to continue a pattern.

In English we finished our letters to Anne Frank. We had to include parenthesis to add extra information, contractions to show joined words and missing letters and include a question in our letters. We read  an opening of her diary and then watched a video about how her life changed before and after the war. You can watch the clip here:

My best present | Anne Frank video diary | Episode 1 | Anne Frank House

Finally, we did tag rugby with Mr Adams. We practiced using our side throw in a game situation by running around and throwing the ball as we went past. It was really good and Mr Adams said our catching and throwing skills were improving.


Thursday 15th September 2021

By Wilbland and Alicia

In maths we partitioned numbers and we learnt that a number can be partitioned in many different ways.

In Book Club we read Rose Blanche and we answered questions about the text. We had to use our viper skills, mostly inference because we had to think how the characters felt by considering what had happened to them. We also had to retrieve vocabulary from the book and find synonyms for the word immensely: extremely, very, enormously, incredibly, massively, exceptionally.

In English we wrote a letter to Anne Frank. We had to use brackets to add extra information (parenthesis).

In spellings we had to find as many words that end with cious or tious and then we did a kahoot quiz about word and sentence types.

In history we listened to the speech by Neville Chamberlain when he told everyone that we were at war with Germany and then researched why WWII started and why Adolf Hitler invaded Poland.

Neville Chamberlain - Britain's Declaration of War 1939

Tuesday 14th September 2021

By Thomas and Sydney

Today in class we first started off by doing maths. We did a recall of things we already knew then some partitioning of numbers up to 100,000 and some problem solving.

While out at break, Thomas found some cool leaves that were in the shape of a heart so we researched what type of trees they were from and we found out they were called lime tree leaves. We think they have come off the trees over by the church.

After break we did book club and we read a book called Rose Blanche by Roberto Innocenti and Ian McEwan. We thought about the atmosphere that was created by the words of the book and compared it to the pictures which looked a lot more miserable than the words sounded. We think the author was trying to show that the people still felt positive by using positive words.

It was wet playtime at lunch and we had a great time playing games.

In the afternoon we did PSHE with Mrs Hosie. It was about emotions and the different colour zones. We played emotion bingo and only two people won though.

In P.E with Mrs Naylor, we did a warm up to help us get started but the main P.E lesson is fitness so that was hard work!




Monday 13th September 2021

By Tyler and Oliver

Today we started to do a new thing in math’s it’s called chillies. At first we did a recap so we can remember what we have learnt in the past, then Mrs Mee gave us a question to talk about together before she talked us through it. She stuck her example up on the wall so we could look back at this in the lesson for support. We used our mental maths skills to add 1, 10, 100 and 1000 to four digit numbers.

Today in Book Club, we started reading Anne Frank by Josephine Poole and Angela Barrett. It is a short version of Anne Frank’s life.

In science we have been learning about the male and female sex cells required to reproduce: gametes. These are in plants and animals. Some plants can reproduce alone so they don’t need male and female gamete to join and fertilise. This is called asexual reproduction. We have a strawberry plant and spider plant in the classroom to show this.

Friday 10th September 2021

By Lexi and William

This morning we did some maths then we learned how to use brackets as parenthesis to add extra information, for example: Robin’s hair (which is red) is very long. The sentence must still make sense on its own if you take the out the extra information, for example: Robin’s hair is long.

This afternoon we began learning about knapsacks in D.T. Soldiers carried tins in these bags for food in the war. We will be taking some bags apart to understand how they are made then plan how to make our own bag.

We also did French today and recapped what we had learnt last year, like how to say hello, how old we are and describe ourselves.

 Thursday 9th September 2021

By Kie and Kyla

We started off the day by reading our book called the Breadwinner. It is really sad because they are starving as the Taliban soldiers took away their father and women and children are not allowed out on their own. We are very glad that we are free to make our own choices in our country.

Next, in English, we wrote sentences with modal verbs and conjunctions about artefacts we had from a long time ago. Then, we went out for a fun break and then we had music with Mrs Hallsworth. We sang ‘Poppies of Red’ by Caroline Salloway as we are learning this in time for Remembrance Sunday and because we are learning about WW2. For dinner, we had sausage, beans, peas and hashbrowns, which was delicious.

 After lunch, we did spellings and topic corrections, then, not long after, we went on TTRockstars to improve our times table skills. Finally, for our last lesson, we did Tag Ruby with our new coach called Mr Adams and it was amazing! After a very long day we all went home. J

Wednesday 8th September 2021

By Jayden and Ethan

We started our day listening to Mrs Hallsworth read The Breadwinner, then looked at historical artefacts to see what we could learn about them and the people they belonged to.

We had ice lollies at morning breaktime because it was so hot again (28°C!) and everyone was getting tired from the heat!

We did our first Co-Jo Mission, which was to protect our own team’s secret information and try to steal secret information from the other teams. In 4th place was the Red Team with  25 pieces of information, 3rd place was the Blue Team with 33 pieces, 2nd place was the Green Team with 40 pieces and in 1st  place was the Yellow Team with 42 pieces of secret information. It was a really fun mission but very hot!

Finally, we did a Kahoot Quiz to see what we knew about WW2. Here’s the top 5: Sydney 5th, Jayden 4th, Wilbland 3rd, Thomas 2nd and Kie 1st. We really love doing Kahoot quizzes!

Tuesday 7th September 2021

By Ellenore and Ffion

When we came in this morning, Mrs Hallsworth read  The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis, which is about war and Pakistan. Next, we did some eagle drawings for the display, as we are in eagles class. We sketched and then shaded four different eagles. Four children drew one of each: an eagle sitting right, an eagle sitting left, an eagle flying right and an eagle flying left! We both did the eagle flying left. It was really nice!

After we finished our eagle sketches, we started finding information about eagles to create fact sheets. Did you know that most eagles build their nest 125 ft. above the ground and that their diet consists of lots of food including deer, mice and really any small animals they can get their claws on! Did you know that 50% of their diet is fish!


In PSHE, we learnt about emotions. We were given some emotions on a piece of paper and acted them out – it was really fun! We learnt about the different zones:

blue zone: sad, sick, tired and bored.

green zone: happy, calm, relaxed and proud.

yellow zone: frustrated, worried, silly and exited

red zone: out of control, elated, angry and terrified.


Today in PE with Miss Naylor, we did some running races and played a game of seaweed and sharks which is the same as tag, but when you get tagged, you become seaweed. It was quiet fun but it was really hot (28°C!), so it tired people out a lot!

Can you guess what any of these emotions are in the photos? 

Monday 6th September 2021

By Elise and Alfie


Today is the first day back to school from the six-week holiday.  We have had a lot of fun now that we can do things we couldn’t do before because of covid like: playing with siblings at break and lunch, eating together in the hall and having assemblies together back in the hall.

Today, we have listened to each other’s recount of their summer holiday, learnt about our new timetable and we have used chalk and pastels to create individual feathers for a huge 3D Eagle.

We started reading our new class reading book called The Breadwinner, by Deborah Ellis. The book is about people living in Afghanistan and being ruled by the Taliban soldiers so we think this book will help us to understand the problems happening in Afghanistan again now.

Finally, we all voted for who we would like to represent our class as School Councillors and as our Anti-Bullying candidate. We voted by ticking their names on our voting slip then putting it in the ballot box. We are looking forward to finding out who wins once the votes have been counted.