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Ironville and Codnor Park Primary School

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Spring Two


Where do we live? Where are we located on the map of the UK? What is there to do? What are key features of Ironville?

This half term we are going to be geographers and explore our local area. We will be using maps and atlases to explore Ironville and where we are located on a map. We shall also be learning about physical and human features are and identifying these within Ironville.

After exploring and reading maps, we are going to create our own maps of Ironville locating the human and physical features that we have learnt throughout the topic. 


In science, we shall be learning about Physics which includes:

  • Light sources and what they are used for
  • Understand what shadows are and how they are formed. Can you run away from your shadow?
  • Desribing sounds 
  • Electricity - exploring circuits and construct a simple circuit.

Electrical circuits and symbols | Physics

In DT we are going to be using computers to create a CAD design to make cars from wood with moveable wheels. 

We shall be exploring how cars move and what makes the move. We will be looking at different designs and which car moves the furthest down ramps. 

We shall be developing our skills to use bench hooks, saw and triangle joins and making the chaise of the car. We shall then use these skills to design and make our own cars.