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Ironville and Codnor Park Primary School

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Spring One

Welcome to Victorian school life. What is a smart phone or an iPad? What's a selfie and Face Time? A cane is used for what?!

This half term we will be learing about the history of our school and what it was like back in the early days looking at photograophs and artifacts. We will also be inviting parents and grandparents in to interview them to find out information about the past and what their school day was like. We shall be comparing school in the 1850 and 2024 including clothing, punishment, behaviour and learning and what the classroom was like. 

We will then use this information to create a timeline of how school has changed over the past 174 years.

Victorian Schools

The Victorians - The School Room

In science, we shall be learning about Physics which includes:

  • Light sources and what they are used for
  • Understand what shadows are and how they are formed. Can you run away from your shadow?
  • Desribing sounds 
  • Electricity - exploring circuits and construct a simple circuit. 

Electrical circuits and symbols | Physics