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Summer Two

It's a puppet! We are going to be creating our very own puppets. We shall be developing our skills of threading and sewing the puppet pieces together helps develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills needed for threading a needle and manipulating small objects.

We shall sketch puppet ideas into a plan then follow steps to create the puppet by sewing the seams.

Once the puppet is complete, we shall discuss what worked well and areas for improvement. This encourages critical thinking and self-assessment.


1. Seasonal Weather: 

Imagine Earth as a big ball. The sun's rays hit it most directly around the middle, making those areas hot year-round. We shall look at a world map together and find the equator and discuss the places near the equator have seasons that are mostly hot and wet, while places further north or south have colder winters and warmer summers.

2. Daily UK Weather: 

Weather changes daily, even in the UK! We will look at weather forecasts and keep a weather diary to track sunshine, rain, clouds, and wind. We shall also learn about how the UK's location affects its weather.

3. Hot Places & the Equator: 

We will learn how the equator runs through several continents, including South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia and learn why the sun shines directly there most of the year and why these areas are generally very hot and humid.

4. Cold Places & the Equator: 

There aren't really any cold places directly on the equator. However, as you move north or south from the equator, the temperatures get colder. The coldest places on Earth are the North and South Poles, far away from the equator's warmth.

5. World Map:

Uisng our knowledge that we will learn baout the equator, we will learn about places north of the equator and how they experience colder winters and warmer summers, while places south of the equator have the opposite pattern. 

καλως ηρθες στην ΕΛΛΑΔΑ (Welcome to Greece) 

Join us on our trip to Greece for Wonderful World Week. We will be exploring where Greece is, the Greek Gods and why they were important, tasting different Greek foods as well as cooking Greek food! Oh, and don't forget about the pate smashing... OPA! 🍽️

We have been working very hard at name writing and we are now going to have a go at learning how to write our name in Greek. We shall also be doing lots of art and D&T, including designing Greek temples with art straws and designing and decorating our own Greek vase. We shall also host our very own Olympic games, where the children will participate in variety of Greek games. 

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