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Class Photographs 2021-2022

We have released our butterflies! After they emerged from their cocoon we fed them nectar and fruit to help them grow. We then released them into the wild on our school field - we hope they come back to say hello!

As we have been learning about the seaside and the weather was exceptionally warm we decided to get the paddling pool out and have a paddle! The children loved keeping cool this way and we talked about how to stay around water.

We have been learning all about the seaside and have sent instructions to Mr Grinling on how to make our favourite sandwich! Mr Grinling's seagull's also returned to eat his sandwiches so we had to send him different ways to help him get the seagull's to stop. We also made boats and tested them to see if they were able to float or if they sank, made our own message in a bottle and had our very own seaside in the roleplay area where we created different stories of being at the seaside.

As part of our money week we had a visit from the HSBC bank, made our own seaside shop and designed our own coins.

We have been learning all about and celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee!! We have designed and painted plates, made Jubilee cards to send to the Queen and our role play are has turned into a royal tea room! Alongside learning all about the Jubilee we have been learning how to take care when playing with the real china tea set.

As part of our mini-beast theme we have collected the resources and made our own worm farms! We had to write which resources we needed and the instructions of how to make one to send to Eagles class. We have also been lucky enough to have some caterpillars arrive! We are checking on the every day and waiting patiently for them to build their cocoons. We know lots about the butterfly life cycle!

We have been learning all about mini-beasts! We have been working hard in our mini- beast investigation lab to identify which they are. We started by going on a mini-beast hunt, we then made mini-beasts from salt dough and made mini-beast houses. We then began to learn about the butterfly life cycle, we went to the very hungry caterpillar café, made caterpillars on our light table and learnt all about how caterpillar turn into butterflies. Some of us even went and made a drawing with labels of the butterfly life cycle!

On the farm! The children have been learning all about life on a farm and had their own farm shop in the classroom!

Easter in Wrens! The children have loved learning all about Easter this week. We started off learning all about the Easter story and the children retold this to their friends. We then made Easter nests, had an Easter egg hunt, made Easter baskets and made Easter cards. We also played 'pin the tail on the rabbit!' What a great week learning all about Easter!

This week was Science week! With the theme being 'growth' we planted seeds, made our own terrarium and participated in a virtual lesson about farm animas being born. At the end of the week we had our Science Fair assembly where we looked at all the entries that children and parents/carers made at home.

Dinosaurs came to visit us! We came into the classroom on Monday morning and there was a egg waiting for us... It hatched that afternoon and there was a message inside! We had to find out all about Dinosaurs! We looked at some real dinosaur fossils and then made our own, we made a jeep and went to find out how Dinosaurs lived and went on a Dinosaur hunt!

Pancakes!! We have been learning all about pancake day! We now know why pancake day is celebrated, which ingredients we need to make pancakes and how to make them, We ended with traditional pancake racing which lots of the Ironville community remembers!

We celebrated Chinese new year! We made lanterns, instruments, a huge dragon outside, role played in a Chinese restaurant and learned all about the story of the zodiac calender and how chinese new year is celebrated! When we had learnt all about the story we watched a puppet show and then retold the CNY one!

We went into Space with rockets we made! We made planets from our solar system, had a picnic on the moon, made the international space station, meteors, rockets, aliens and read lots of stories and non-fiction books about space! It was out of this world!

Little Red Riding Hood Pantomime

Santa came to visit!

We have Santa's workshop in our class! We read the Jolly Christmas Postman and then expanded our post office to include Santa's workshop. The children have been busy sorting the boxes into the right sizes, writing tags and wrapping presents ready for Santa to take!

This week we have been learning all about Diwali! We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and retold it using our puppet theatre! After we read the story the children wanted to make lanterns to help Rama and Sita find their way back to their kingdom, so we did! We then learnt about Rangoli patterns and made some of our own using pastels and chalk!

We have been learning about Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies. The children have been making their own poppies through collage, painting and craft. We sat quietly at 11am on the 11th November to remember the soldiers which have fought and dies in the wars.

OdD sOcK dAy 🧦

We have been learning all about bonfire night! We made our own pretend bonfire outside and built it as high as we could, we made firework pictures using pastels and glitter and learnt how to use PVA glue. We then learn about bonfire night safety and made firework safety posters to put up around school to help keep everyone safe!

Wrens have been learning all about Halloween and received a message from the witch to create a potion for her. The children worked hard creating a potion and the decided to build her a house, carve her a pumpkin and draw and paint her some pictures of things she might like.

Wrens class have been settling in well. We have enjoyed lots of familiar stories from Nursery and stories about rules and routines. They have been exploring both the inside and outside classroom and have been learning how to use new resources e.g. the stapler, hole punch and water system!

We have been making dragon soup! After reading the story Zog the children decided they wanted to make him some soup for his dinner to help him to keep flying. They put in pasta and leaves as they thought this would be heathy for him.