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Ironville and Codnor Park Primary School

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Photographs 2021 - 2022

16.06.22 Years Five/Six stringed instrument concert

A few comments from parents and carers:


"Thank you for inviting us. It was so lovely to hear the children play. They did so well!"

"It was lovely listening to them play. Thanks."

"It was lovely to come and listen to them all play. Did amazingly."

"Thank you for inviting us in to watch the children play. They all did so well."

"Thank you for the invite. It was a lovely concert. They all looked like they really enjoyed it."

"So clever the way its been taught. Lovely to watch."

"It was nice to see and listen to the children play."

"I'm really impressed that the teacher managers to get all the students playing so well. Fantastic!"

"Amazing watching my son put his mind to an instrument. Brilliant to watch and made me cry!"


A comment from the Chair and Vice-Chair of Governors:


"Absolutely blown away with the talent. Thank you for inviting me."

"Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant. Thank you>"

A few comments from parents and carers:


"Really enjoyed looking at the work they have done. Well done."

"Lovely to see the kids work they have done. Well done to all kids."

"Lovely to see all the children's hard work! Well done everyone!"

"Very nice to see the kids hard work!"

"Loved it. It was nice to see all the hard work they have put in."

"It was fantastic to see all the children's amazing creations."

"Was lovely to see all the hard work and effort put in."

"Brilliant. Loved seeing all the effort the kids made."

"Absolutely wonderful designs form all the children. Great to see all there hard work."

"Lovely to see the children making a biscuit and joining the Queens Jubilee." 

29.03.22 Easter Creative event

A few comments from parents and carers:


"Great activity for parents and children."

"Really looked forward to doing this with my child."

"Great activity for parents and kids."

"Great activity and bonding session for parents and the children."

"Absolutely lovely activities. Great to see the children have so much fun."

"Children really looked forward to doing this activity so could come into school and see them making Easter decorations."

"The boys were really excited about this event. Such an enjoyable afternoon."

"Children are super excited about the activity. Lots of ideas floating round and getting stuck in."

"We are having lots of fun creating and building our projects together."

"Enjoyed joining the kids today and seeing all the Easter egg decorations."

"Had a lovely afternoon doing Easter crafts with my boys. Nice to see plenty of other parents joining in too."
"My son and I had the best time making his decorations."

"Enjoyed spending time with the kids making Easter egg crafts."

World War II Tea Party

A few comments from parents and carers:


"Had a lovely time seeing everything the children have learned."

"Really enjoyed seeing what the children have learned."

"Had a nice time seeing what they have learned. Really thought provoking for adults too."

"Thoroughly enjoyed finding out what the children have been learning. The singing was fantastic and nice to be able to join in! Thank you for having us."

"What a lovely morning!" Had a great time. Thanks"

"Very educational and very nice to hear such marvellous poems by the children."

"Loved spending time with my child and enjoyed finding out about their work. Loved the singing."

"The VE tea party was a lovely idea. It was awesome spending time with my son in school. The songs and videos were awesome. I had a fun time."

"Had a great time."

"Lovely morning. great to see the kids learning history and past times."

"Great morning. Nice to see what the children are learning and to be involved." 

Christmas Celebration Assembly

A few comments from parents/carers:


"The Christmas assembly was awesome. It was great seeing the kids have fun."

"Brilliant Christmas assembly. Very festive with lots of fun and laughs."

"Fantastic assembly. Lovely to see the children have lots of fun."

"It was lovely to see all the children having fun and getting everyone involved."

"Great time at the Christmas assembly. Well done Mrs Smedley. Merry Christmas."

"Fabulous show. Loved it."

"Enjoyed seeing the kids all having fun."

"I enjoyed seeing all children happy and enjoying themselves."

"Fantastic Christmas assembly."

"What a fantastic Christmas assembly. Lovely to watch all children join in."

"Fantastic assembly."

"Lovely time at Christmas assembly. Really enjoyed."

"Fantastic loved it."

"Lots of fun and laughter." 


Christmas Craft

A few comments from parents/carers:


"Lovely afternoon with my children making Christmas crafts."

"I had a nice time doing Christmas crafts."

"What a fantastic afternoon! Had a lovely time and the boys enjoyed it too!"

"Lovely afternoon. Really enjoyed. My boy loved being creative."

"Fun filled afternoon. Lots of smiles!"

"I had a fantastic time making Christmas things. Thank you for letting us join in." 

Story Telling Sessions

A few comments from parents/carers:


"Enjoyed being with my daughter in the classroom."

" Really enjoyed spending time with my daughter in her lesson."

"Lovely to see the children so engaged during the story time."

"Loved being able to be back in the classroom seeing what the children are doing."

"I really enjoyed the reading. It's nice to see how many books they read and how all the children get involved."

"I enjoyed the story. It is good for the children to learn to read."
"Visited for open reading. Really enjoyed it. Great singing from Mrs Bowler.

"Enjoyed the reading session. I liked that the teacher asks the children questions about the story." 

"Really enjoyed the reading session with my child. Loved how they all got involved." 

"Really enjoyed being able to come into school again for the reading session."

"Really liked seeing my child in her school environment. Enjoyed the reading session."

"Really enjoyed seeing my daughter interact during story time."

Early Reading Workshop

A few comments from parents/carers:


"Thank you for the information. It is nice to see what they children are learning."

"Thank you for inviting me into school to learn about the phonics by daughter is learning at school. It was very informative."

"Thank you so much for all the information. The boys are loving all the rhymes."

"Thank you for the extra information and sources for learning material."

"Thank you for the information about the children at school and reading."

"Thank you for all the information about helping them read."

"Thank you for all the information and showing us what our children do."

"Thank you for showing us where our children learn and all the things they do."