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Spring One

Happy New Year! This half term we shall start the New Year with Squirrel's New Year's Resolution, thinking about what we might do too. We then move onto Chinese New Year and learning all about the story behind this and how it is celebrated and the similarities  and differences between the New Year celebrations.

Chinese New Year | BBC Teach

Chinese New Year Story

5, 4, 3, 2, 1... BLAST OFF! Join Wrens as we blast off and explore space. We shall be learning about Tim Peake and why he is a famous explorer. We will be watching the launch and what training Tim Peake needed to do before becomming an astronaut. We will read the story 'Whatever next!' in our Drawing Club lessons and using this book as a stimulous within our provision such as making our own rockets and space ships and using out imagination in the role play space station.

CBeebies: The Let's Go Club - Facts About Space

Tim Peake on the ISS

To end the half term, we will be learning about Pancake Day and Lent. Why is it impotant and why do Christians celebrate it? We will be answering these questions which will also include making our own pancakes, pancake races and have our own pancake café. Mr Wolf will definately be happy with this and this shall be part of Drawing Club.